Have you read this? Brief analysis of MAHA-TAIT 2017 (Part one)

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2018)

MAHA-TAIT exam 2017 is the major event for last few days in Maharashtra. As 21st December 2017 is the last day of exam, we are here to give you brief analysis of this exam. So read our article and let us know your opinion about it in comment box mentioning your name.

  • This exam is conducted for recruitment of teaching post in Maharashtra state for primary ,secondary and higher secondary level.
  • TET exam is the basic eligibility to appear this exam, but later on the CTET exam is added to eligibility criterion. For primary level TET pass candidates are eligible to appear for  this exam.
  • Exam is conducted on 69 centre across the state. Candidates are asked to mention their 3 preferences for exam centre in application form. Though the preferences was given very few candidates gets their first choice as an exam centre.

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  • We have noticed many complaints from the candidates of not getting exam center from their 3 preferences. In some cases the exam center is different from their preferences. Later on exam conducting authority gives relief to candidates after giving assurance of providing exam center as per preferences. But very few reported of given exam centre of their choice.
  • In a last stage, it creates very confusion among the candidates whether their center will be changed or not. Few got email from Pariksha-Parishad for printing of new admit card just few day before the exam.
  • Many candidates reported that the exam level is not same throughout the week. As per our survey,  many candidates have complained that the exam level on 12,13,14,15 of December was easy compared to later dates.


  • There are few mistake and translation error in the question of online exams. Few words are not equivalent to their translation and this creates confusion among the candidates.


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18 thoughts on “Have you read this? Brief analysis of MAHA-TAIT 2017 (Part one)”

  1. sir, me Maha Tait cha Marka baddal khup comment pahilya tyavarun aase samjate Tet pass umedwarach peksha master degree umedwaracha Tait score changla aahe. yavarun je Tet pass aahet tyanche merit kami Lagu shakte plz reply sir

  2. sir, aataparyant Tet paper 1&2 che umedwar kiti pass aahet Karan ki tyapaiki 30 parcent Tari Tait mark 105 cha kami astil asa Maza andaz aahe tyamule maze mark campair Karta yetil plz reply sir!

  3. sir Maha Tait madhe khup umedwar aase aahe Tait madhe changle mark aahet pan te Tet pass nahit asha umedwarach kay

  4. sir mi b.a. ded asun mala tait madhe 105 mark aahet & tet 1 paper pass aahe,caste= s.c.kahi chance aahe ka plz sanga

  5. sir, mi b.a.ded asun mala tait madhe 105 mark aahet.tet 1 paper pass aahe caste s.c.tar kahi chance aahe ka? plz sanga

    1. सर जागा कमीत कमी २४००० असेल तर तुम्ही नक्कीच आशा ठेवू शकता.

  6. sir, mi b.a.ded asun mala tait madhe 105 mark aahet.tet 1 paper pass aahe caste s.c.tar kahi chance aahe ka? plz sanga

  7. sir, mi b.a.ded asun mala tait madhe 105 mark aahet.tet 1 paper pass aahe caste s.c.tar kahi chance aahe ka? plz sanga

    1. @Anonymous समायोजन ची अधिकृत माहिती अजून प्राप्त झालेली नाही.

    1. @Ankita More, Madam, It is totally depends upon number of vacancies are to be recruited.If Vacancies are near about 24000, we will definitely get the job.

  8. Dear sir
    I am completed B.A.ded and I got 121 marks in tail and also I am qualified for tet paper 2 is there any chances for me

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